Award-winning and #1 best-seller VEILFALL: a 353,000-word time-traveling sword & sorcery love story with lots of magic and killing!

Award-winning JINN: a 584,000-word love story rife with vengeful gods and conquering Khans, continue Veilfall's epic fantasy adventure of Banzu and Melora's harrowing struggle together against the demonic Enclave!

POWERLESS: the 419,000-word stunning conclusion to the Malach'Ra trilogy (Veilfall, Jinn, and Powerless) though not the Soothsayer Series itself. Join Banzu and Melora as they challenge scheming Khans, a wrathful god, and face an event so dire it changes history!

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-- (6/11/22): I'm conducting an experiment with altering my book pricing because I've been talking with a few pretty successful authors who sell extremely well and they all gave the same advice on book prices (both digital and paperback). This piqued my curiosity. We'll see how the experiment unfolds, and I plan to write a blog about its results.

The Writing Mastery Series (13 quick courses)

The Soothsayer Novella Series (35 books; average word count: 40,000)

My rotten Rottie, Marles Barkley, chillin like a villain.

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