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Of Blood & Love: the last soothsayer book 1

Gavin Greenlief has always dreamed of being a hero - to live an exciting life full of incredible adventures while traveling the wondrous One Land of Pangea righting wrongs and helping those in need of his sword - but he has three problems above knowing the man who had saved him, raised and trained him, would one day betray him:

1. He's a master swordsman... who has never been in a real swordfight in his life. 2. He's a Soothsayer, born with the magical aizakai ability to slow time though cursed to live with the Nameless One's wicked corruption of the bloodlust if he ever kills. And 3. He's in love with the most beautifully obnoxious woman he's ever had the displeasure of meeting... or at least he will be once he risks his life saving hers then vows to protect her from those that would see her dead.

A tyrannical god-king who wields lightning rising to power in the east... a hunted Spellbinder immune to all forms of magic on the run and searching for the last Soothsayer in the west... a lonely swordsman seeking to make a difference in the world if only he wasn't cursed to destroy it... Gavin soon realizes being a hero is a lot more costly than he ever dared dream.

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STOMPING KITTENS: a first-draft workbook

So you want to write a novel? That’s good. That’s reeeaal good. But you don’t know how to do it? That’s okay, because I do. And I’m going to make it as easy as possible for you. So easy, in fact, that by the end of this workbook you will realize the Absolute Truth about writing: ANYONE CAN WRITE A NOVEL! But if it’s so easy then why haven’t they? Time. And because people are full of excuses. But you know what they say, “Excuses are like a--holes: everybody’s got one.” STOMPING KITTENS takes you right from the Beginning of YOUR story on through the logical dramatic flow of plot to the very End of your tale, holding your hand while expertly guiding you every creative step of the way as you first read each Chapter description and then write one of your own according to the unique STOMPING KITTENS process contained within. And by the end of this workbook you WILL have written an entire and logically plotted First Draft . . . GUARANTEED!!!

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PUNCHING BABIES: a how-to guide

I guarantee you that after reading this book you will never read any novel nor watch any movie the same way again. And that's not just a guarantee but also a warning. If you don't enjoy knowing what will happen in stories before it happens then set this book down right now and walk away. Refuse the call. Take the blue pill. But remember . . . stasis = death.

Like most writers, you may prefer knowing your story makes complete sense before you sit down to write it, and you won't have to sit there agonizing for hours trying to figure out what should happen or happens next because you will already know every time you reference the proven detailed story formula within this guide.

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A STRANGER COMES TO TOWN: the 13 essential steps for plotting your novel

A Stranger Comes To Town is the aspiring writer's concise guide to plotting their novel in an easy-to-use, logical way. All great stories contain plot, and this guide shows you how and why step by necessary step.

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Two brothers who have never met are about to come face to face for the first time . . . and their lives will never be the same again!

One, a notorious cold-blooded killer exiled twenty years ago for an unspeakable deed, and the other a simple man bent on revenge for a long ago murder. Influenced by both forbidden magic and a chance encounter, Seth leaves his miserable life as a simple gravedigger behind to at last find and kill the notorious 'Cain the Kinslayer' for the murder of their brother twenty years ago. But his world is torn asunder and his beliefs tested beyond their limits when he sees that Cain is no longer the cold-blooded killer he once was, but a remorseful man now trying to right the wrongs of his past.

Tempers flare and swords clash as the truth of a long ago murder shatters Seth's entire world and he is forced to either give up his endeavor, or do the one thing he came to do: kill his brother Cain.

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